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Mastering the Art of Gearbox Overhauls

In the realm of automotive engineering, gearboxes emerge as intricate and multifaceted contrivances demanding meticulous attention and superior upkeep. Occasionally, the phrase “gearbox overhaul” finds itself interchangeably employed with the terms “transmission overhaul” and “transmission rebuild.” To elucidate this with utmost clarity, the process of gearbox overhauling encompasses a meticulous disassembly of its labyrinthine constituents, followed by the precision replacement of necessary components to reinstate their operational integrity, concluding with their meticulous reassembly.

AK7 Auto's Gear-Driven Path to Automotive Excellence in Dubai

Our adept team, under the banner of AK7 Auto in Dubai, holds an unwavering cognizance of the pivotal role played by a gearbox in your esteemed vehicle. Thus, we are resolute in our commitment to employ only the highest echelon of products and services, delivering a quick and professional service tailored to luxury cars. As purveyors of the best luxury cars in Dubai, we take pride in our position as the number one purveyor of automotive excellence. With the aid of our skilled technicians and cutting-edge tools, your vehicle’s gearbox will perennially operate at its zenith

When to Opt for Gearbox and Engine Overhaul Services?

The choice between a transmission overhaul and a complete replacement carries several merits, foremost among them being the financial prudence of transmission rebuilds when juxtaposed with the staggering price tag of a new transmission unit, retailing north of $25,000. Hence, prudence dictates a comprehensive evaluation and restoration of your existing gearbox.


Nevertheless, certain telltale indicators hint at the imperative need for an engine overhaul:

  1. Depletion of Engine Oil
  2. Erosion of Fuel Efficiency
  3. Escalating Engine Temperatures
  4. The emergence of exhaust plumes
  5. Lethargic gear shifts or a protracted engagement period following gear selection should compel you to initiate an immediate assessment of your transmission or gearbox.


In the context of gearbox malfunction, the following symptoms demand attention:

  1. Pernicious Whining Acoustic Emanations
  2. Gear Slippage
  3. Intransigent Clutch Dragging
  4. Resistance at the Forefront
  5. Seepage of transmission fluid



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